Friday, May 4, 2012

Aoe3: How To Build A Good Turtling Deck

Turtling is an important strategy to use in the PC game Age of Empires 3. To effectively use this strategy, you must have a good deck of cards. Here are some cards you should have to make up a good deck.
Crates of 300 Food - In the beginning of many games, you will definitely appreciate 300 extra food.
Crates of 300 Wood - If you turtle, you will be building lots of walls in the beginning, so you may like 300 extra wood.
Advanced Trading Post - This card makes trading posts into weak Outposts and makes them cost 100 wood less.
Improved Buildings - This card will make your buildings have 40% more hit points, which could be the difference between having your town center destroyed and winning the game.
Advanced Mill - This card will make mills cost 200 less wood and have twice as many hit points, I find that mills can be rather expensive early in the game.
Advanced Plantation - This card will make your plantations cost 31% less wood and have twice as many hit points. I find that plantations are extremely expensive early on at 800 wood.
TEAM Improved Walls - This card makes you and your partners' walls 50% stronger; this is a very good card that could also mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Frontier Defenses - This card ships two outpost wagons to your town center, good for defending that far off trading post or for defeating enemy raids.
Advanced Arsenal - This card gives you very good improvements for your arsenal.
Stonemasons - This card makes most of the building in the game go up faster, always good for a turtler.
2 Organ Guns - This card ships two organ guns to your town center. Organ guns are very good for repelling raids of infantry.
Fort - This card ships a powerful fortress wagon that can be used to defend your colony.
House of Braganca - This card makes all trade route improvements free. Good if you are near a trade route, as improvements are usually costly.
Donatarios - This card increases the build limit for town centers by two, good for expansion.
2 Covered Wagons - This card ships 2 covered wagons to your town center, this card is good to send right after Donatarios.
Advanced Hot Air Balloon - This card ships a permanent hot air balloon to your town center. Hot air balloons are good for spying on your enemy, but become useless if you research ''Spies''.
Heavy Fortifications - This card fully upgrades every building except for one improvement on a fort, good if you have been slacking off on improving you buildings.
Castramentation - Same as ''Fort''.
Factory - Ships a factory wagon to your town center. Factories are very useful because they can infinite amounts of any resource or heavy cannons.
Robber Barons - Same as ''Factory''.
If you can pull these cards into a single deck, you will have a greater chance of success at employing the turtling technique in Age of Empires 3.

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