Thursday, November 3, 2016

Daisy's Suicide In Woman Interrupted

In the memoir, Girl Interrupted, Susanna Kaysen ,recalls her experience at McLean hospital the place she was put with borderline character disorder after she tried suicide. Within the e-book, she describes the occasions that befell during her keep in the hospital and introduces other sufferers who're essential characters within the sense that they make the author think about the reality and what it is. Kaysen stayed within the hospital for almost two years, and he or she communicates her experience and reflections of that interval in her memoir.

She met very different individuals at McLean ranging from a sociopath Lisa to Kaysen's roommate Georgina who is considered to be one of the ?normal? patients here. All ladies have completely different psychological issues and are inclined to suicide. Many of them tried suicide before. But solely one among them actually commits it, and it is Daisy who kills herself after she is released from the hospital. Why did a lady who was thought of healthy sufficient to be released commit suicide? This query leads the creator to reflections on the strategies of remedy and on the effectiveness of what's actually needed: therapy of mind or of thoughts. However, some other questions arise from Daisy's suicide: why she? Why not one of many different patients? Might it be predicted? It appears to be impossible to find a right reply that might not go away any doubts. Once we learn about Daisy's suicide, we feel that it was something that may very well be anticipated. It's apparent from what we find out about her that she received lost in the actuality and did not understand what is her place in life.

Daisy appears in the hospital seasonally and stays here from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas annually. This link to holidays is, perhaps, an alarm sign: many individuals really feel depressed throughout holidays if they are lonely and really feel misunderstood. They think that they fall out of this blissful picture of celebration, they usually are inclined to fall out of life. Daisy is incommunicable and does not let anybody into her room, and barely goes out of it herself. She appears solely to take her laxatives and chickens with which she is obsessed. ?Daisy hated anybody to be close to her?, indicates Kaysen (1993, 28). This intentional loneliness is, probably, an proof of Daisy's alienation from the actual life, and her lack of ability in addition to lack of want to let the truth into her life.

Unusual relationships along with her father could be the reason of Daisy's disorder. It's by no means directly stated however it's clearly implied that Daisy's father sleeps along with her. Of course, incestuous relations could not but carry hurt to the mental well being of Daisy. Most likely, subconsciously she realized that this type of relations is flawed but she could not allow this data to enter her day conscience. She accepted the state of affairs as it's as a result of she felt beloved ? at the least, this manner. It's possible that a subconscious battle between the unsuitable and the appropriate brought led to depression.

There's also an odd obsession with roasted chickens: twice per week her father brought Daisy a roasted rooster and she or he ate it in her room and collected carcasses. Lisa found that Daisy's room if filled with chicken carcasses. It's not clear why she did that and what causes she had but it's apparent that it was not normal and that she shouldn't be launched from the hospital with such symptoms. Maybe, the ?roasted rooster syndrome? was a show of Daisy's relationship together with her father who abused her repeatedly. Maybe, it was a logo of a skeleton in the wardrobe ? of her unpleasant secret.

Daisy appreciated a quote ?If You Lived Right here, You'd Be Residence Now? that was engraved on the building. Most likely, it was her hope ? to discover a dwelling. She hoped that her stay within the hospital would help her overcome her difficulties and at last find a relaxation. Her suicide offers an evidence that her hope did not come true. Most likely, she finally realized that and determined to put an finish to her existence wherein she may barely discover any sense.

Daisy left the hospital earlier than the Christmas to spend the vacations in her new apartmen

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